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What we do and why it matters

Experience makes the difference between Satisfaction and Longing for Satisfaction.

B&B is a handyman services company for all of your Home Improvement needs located Northern Nevada. We provide Professional Services and Repairs to flooring, home exterior and interior, bath tiling and fixtures, decking repairs, railing, patio cover repair, and drywall painting and repairs.  We take pride in gettion the task right the first time. With over two decades of construction experience as Finish Carpenters, Ben and Rebecca Rice have honed their skills in a wide range of projects. B&B is a Private Handyman Firm and is fully licensed (NV 20201847559) in the State of Nevada.  B&B takes pride in offering competitive pricing tailored to your specific budget.

Reach out to B&B Solutions at (775) 447-0043 or our online Job Form for a consultation on your next project and get treated with the dignity and respect you would expect.

Our Mission and Vision

Dependable Solutions for Your Home Needs

Our Handyman Service is committed to delivering reliable solutions for your home. With skilled professionals, prompt service, and exceptional customer care, we enhance functionality, beauty, and comfort. We provide dependable solutions for a convenient and satisfying home experience.

Enhancing Homes, Enriching Lives

Our Handyman Service is dedicated to enhancing homes and enriching lives through exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service. With a focus on integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail, we aim to be the trusted provider for all your home improvement needs. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their communities.

Our History

After many years of construction experience, Ben and Rebecca Rice launched B&B Solutions Home Repair.  It was a simple undertaking that included a few key principles; doing the right thing for others in every job that was taken on, doing the best you can possibly to fulfill the dreams of home owners and businesses, and to become a life long friend and partner with and for customers that could develop trust in one another.

Today, B&B Solutions is a strong employer for Washoe County, has hundreds of satisfied customers, and has developed a reputation of quality and getting the job done right on every job attempted.

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Our Team of Skilled Craftsmen

Meet the B&B TEAM

Experienced and skilled, our team will free you from your home problems! You’ll definitely will be pleased with the result. We guarantee the best service!

Ben Rice


As the co-owner of B&B Solutions, Ben brings a wealth of expertise. His impressive background spans more than two decades in the construction industry. Whether it's making strategic decisions or being hands-on in the field, Ben's leadership is grounded in his comprehensive understanding of the business. He isn't hesitant to roll up his sleeves and actively participate in the work when necessary. Beyond his construction prowess, his adept leadership sets the tone for the company. Ben's experience isn't just a number; it's a testament to his commitment to the craft and his ability to guide the team toward success.

Rebecca Rice


Rebecca Rice, Co-Owner of B&B Construction, often welcomes you with her voice when you contact our office. Alongside her professional role, she undertakes the rewarding responsibility of educating three intelligent young minds as a homeschool teacher. Each day, Rebecca embraces the lesson that patience is indeed a virtue. Balancing her work with nurturing young potential, she exemplifies dedication. Rebecca's dynamic roles, as a business leader and a nurturing educator, reflect her multifaceted approach to life. Through her commitment to both endeavors, she leaves a positive impact on those she interacts with, embodying the qualities of a patient and inspiring mentor.


License Plumber

Rough Carpenter

Jason, an exceptional carpenter with 15+ years in construction, specializes in plumbing—fittingly sharing a surname, Plummer, with his field. Renowned for excellence, he's sought by discerning clients seeking top-tier plumbing. Jason's rich experience sets him apart as a premier local plumber, a hard-earned position. His dedication and meticulousness consistently exceed expectations, making him the go-to choice for superior service.


Team Leader

John, a devoted finish carpenter for two decades, hones his craft in carpentry's various aspects. With pride and precision, he perfects tasks, excelling in finishing and framing alike. His nail gun becomes an extension of himself, reflecting his deep passion for framing. Over 20 years, he's become a master carpenter, embodying unwavering excellence and dedication to his art.


Finish Carpenter

With over 30 years of experience, Matt is a seasoned finish carpenter, excelling in painting and construction. His craft is a result of dedication and hard work. Matt's paintbrush prowess is unparalleled, akin to a modern-day Van Gogh with meticulous attention. Whether flawless trim or vibrant walls, he guarantees exceptional results. Trust Matt's expertise for your project; he's the best choice for transformative outcomes.



Gage, having spent 6 years in the construction industry, embarked on his journey in demolition, captivated by the intricate realm of construction. However, it's within the realm of flooring that his true passion resides. The act of installing flooring brings him an unparalleled sense of happiness, deriving satisfaction from the fact that people traverse his meticulous handiwork daily, all while he takes immense pride in being an essential yet often unnoticed contributor to their surroundings. In essence, Gage finds his fulfillment in the subtle artistry of flooring—a testament to his commitment to enhancing spaces, even if it means his creations are underfoot.


Senior Carpenter

Garrett's ascent began in demolition, where early challenges fueled his determination. US Marine Service honed his skills, strengthening his background. No wonder he smoothly transitioned to B&B Solutions, excelling in reassembly. He doesn't just restore; he improves with meticulous attention and passion. A vital team asset, Garrett's Marine-backed expertise sets him apart.

Jason Sr

Construction and Glazing

Jason Sr. boasts an impressive 40-year tenure in construction. Though he values general construction, his true passion lies in glazing. Armed with a glass sheet and cutter, he wields the tools of an artisan. What emerges from his skilled hands are not just structures, but works of functional art. Adept at crafting greenhouses and beyond, his expertise turns ordinary glass into extraordinary creations. Through decades of dedication, Jason Sr. has become a master in the subtle elegance of glazing, leaving a lasting legacy of beauty and craftsmanship.

We Provide Free Consulting

Book an appointment for free consultation with one of our expert consultants today

Here's what to expect when you book and appointment.  Depending on the complexity of your particular project(s), a consultation will take between 15 to 20 minutes.  It also depends on the number of questions you have for our consultants.  If it is easy to estimate, you'll get a time and material estimate during the visit.  However, if your project is large and contains several variables that require some research on either the time or materials, it could take a day or two to get back to you on a solid quotation.  

Either way, with the experience of our consultants, it will be time well spent because you'll see numerous solutions that might fit better for your own budget and taste.  Best of all, it's free and we're happy to help you!  There's a convenient button below that will aid you in booking your own appointment.  If you would prefer help, give us a call at (775) 447-0043.

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