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Carpentry is Where B&B Solutions Started

When you want to modify your home, it takes vision to decide on the feature you want to create, then it takes the know-how to materialize that vision.  B&B Solutions began in the Construction Trim Work business years ago.  When it comes to detail, we have a unique skill that was built into our business from the very beginning.  Creating beautiful features with skillful attention to detail is something that comes natural to us.

If you have ever considered a new feature to add to your home, let us know what you are looking for and I'll bet we've built it before.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Adding an Electric Fireplace to a blank wall in your Living Room, Bedroom, or Den creates a space like no other and it's a game changer with the warmth and coziness it provides to an empty room.
  • Ever wanted to convert your Wire Rack Pantry into a more modern Shelving System with Built-In Cabinetry or even a Floating Shelf System?
  • Barn Doors are a great way to cut down on noise and beatify a room that has a standard doorway or open entry area.
  • Bathrooms never have enough cabinets for linens.  Adding more space is a natural addition.
  • Built-In Cabinetry or Shelving can also create more space for the Book Worm in your home or a place to store Electronic Equipment
  • Have a spare bedroom that needs a bed only on a few occasions per year.  What about a Custom Built Murphy Bed?

Making your home more utilitarian while making a statement about who you are has never been easier.  Set up an appointment today for a Free Consultation.

B&B Can Help You Get Creative