June 2024

Northern Nevada's stunning scenery and inviting summers make decks a natural extension of our living space. Whether it's a morning cup of coffee overlooking the mountains or a family barbecue under the stars, decks offer a place to connect with loved ones and enjoy the outdoors. But what happens whe...

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May 2024

If you're considering home improvement projects to boost your property's value and enhance your outdoor lifestyle, look no further than adding, restoring, or extending a deck. Today, we're going to explore why installing a backyard or front deck can be a game-changer for y...

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April 2024

Prepare for Spring: Creating Your Home Repair Project List Now

As the chill of winter starts to fade and the days grow longer, homeowners everywhere feel a familiar urge to get outside and start fresh. Spring is the perfect time to tackle those exterior home repair projects you’ve been putting off. B...

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March 2024

Early Spring Brings Another Surprise

Too often, those few days of Spring-Like Weather that we get in Northern Nevada’s Early March are thwarted by a major, unexpected, snow storm.

If you are in the middle of a home project, it can cause major delays.  So it’s better to plan on projects that you c...

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February 2024

 Transforming Your Backyard Oasis with B&B Solutions: Embracing Spring Changes

As the mid-winter doldrums set in, casting a chilly and gloomy ambiance over our outdoor spaces, it’s the perfect time to envision a backyard transformation that aligns with the promise of spring. Instead of succu...

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January 2024

Embrace the Hygge While Winter Rages Outside

The snowflakes swirl, the wind howls, and you huddle under a blanket, dreaming of palm trees and sandy beaches. But wait! Instead of escaping the winter blues, why not embrace them and turn your home into a cozy haven? Winter is the perfect ...

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